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Cardiac Imaging MiCAM ULTIMA


Sensor Original CMOS 1/2 inch CCD 1/5 inch CCD
Actual Sensor Size 5.76 x 4.8 mm2 6.4 x 4.8 mm2 2.9 x 2.1mm2
Spatial Resolution
92(H) x 24(V) 40(H) x 28(V)
92(H) x 40(V) 88(H) x 60(V)
92(H) x 80(V) 184(H) x 124(V)
188(H) x 160(V) 376(H) x 252(V)
Temporal Resolution
and Spatial Resolution
0.2ms@92x24 1.3ms@40x28 0.7ms@40x28
0.3ms@92x40 2.2ms@88x60 1.0ms@88x60
0.6ms@92x80 3.7ms@184x124 1.8ms@184x124
1.2ms@188x160 7.0ms@376x252 3.3ms@376x252
< 50ms < 153ms
Maximum Recordable Frame Number 8,720@92x24 21,840@40x28
8,720@92x40 21,840@88x60
8,720@92x80 5,460@184x124
4,260@188x160 1,364@376x252
(in H-bin mode)
450,000e 100,000e@88x60
Actual Quantum Efficiency 45%@550nm 75%@550nm 50%@550nm
38%@700nm 50%@700nm 25%@700nm
Dark Noise 150e@1.2ms, 188x160 40e@2.2ms, 88x60
(15e@2.2ms, 88x60)
60e@1ms, 88x60
(25e@1ms, 88x60)
60e@3.7ms, 184x124
(20e@3.7ms, 184x124)
A/D Converter 12bit (Data resolution is more than 14bit after digital process)
Composition Processor, Cameras, Computer, Monitor, Acquisition/Analysis software
Trigger Output Programmable (pulse delay, duration, pulse number, interval and so on)
Analog Inputs 2ch (maximum 4ch with optional unit)
Other Output 1ch
Interface PCI (Low Profile) / PCI-Express x1 / USB
Acquisition Software Trigger signal output, Focus monitoring, Pre-trigger recording, Multi-stimulus output, Frame rate setting, Frame number setting, Real-image display, Master/Slave mode, Shutter controlling pulse, Auto-reference function, Auto background image recording and so on
Analysis Software dF/F, Averaging, Addition, Division, Spatial filter, Cubic filter, Temporal filter, Bleaching compensation, Vibration compensation, High-pass/Low-pass filter, Reference frame setting, 3D display, Wave display, ROI wave display, Movie, Multi image display, Real image display, AVI/TIFF/BMP/CSV output and so on

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