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Neuronal Imaging Sample Data

Presynaptic Imaging of Rat Spinal Cord (MiCAM ULTIMA)

Excitation of Anterogradely-Stained Primary Afferent Fiber Terminals Recorded in the Dorsal Horn of a Rat Spinal Cord Transverse Slice.

The right side of the picture is the dorsal surface of the spinal cord, and the bottom and top are around the lateral surface and medial line, respectively. Primary afferent fibers and terminals were anterogradely stained with a voltage-sensitive dye RH-482 given from a suction pipette at the dorsal root. C-fiber-activating single-pulse stimulation from the pipette evoked excitation, most intensely in the superficial dorsal horn.

Provided by
Dr. Kazuyuki Murase and Dr. Hiroshi Ikeda, Fukui University

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