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ESTM-8 is a multifunctional electrical stimulator that has various functions including an isolator, a simple digital oscilloscope and a window discriminator.


ESTM-8 is an electrical stimulator that can generate up to eight individual channels. This stimulator has various functions including an isolator, a digital oscilloscope and more. Two kinds of stimulus pulses can be set in each channel, and outputs from each channel can be linked with other channels.

In addition, the simple digital oscilloscope window can display analog wave data via inputs and the multifunctional window discriminator can extract some patterns of waveforms.Trigger signals can be output from the ESTM-8 to external devices such as imaging systems when complex experimental protocol is necessary.

ESTM-8 can be used not only as a general purpose stimulator for electrophysiological experiments but also as a powerful tool for various types of optical recordings.


Easy setup of stimulus protocol with software

Stimulus pulse patterns can be programmed, saved and loaded by using the software. This software has a "Setup" window on which user can select height / width / number/ polarity /trigger/ delay / cycle of the stimulus pulse.

Eight channels of pulse generators can be controlled individually. For example, it is possible to set channel 1 to 1KHz and channel 2 at 2.3KHz. Users can set many patterns with regards to timing and trigger in complex pulse trains. ESTM-8 is also designed to easily set sequential stimulus programs that are frequently used.
Sample setting (main screen)

User can check the setting of stimulus pulse pattern.
Window for checking pulse pattern

A simplified oscilloscope and a multifunctional window discriminator

ESTM-8 can display analog waveforms on a simplified oscilloscope window. User can select analog signal ranges from ±1V, v2.5V, ±10V, and set sampling speed in the range from 0.01 to 10msec. ESTM-8 can display direct input analog signals using a function which removes direct current, and also display two analog waveforms simultaneously.

ESTM-8 software has a multifunctional window in which users can select three modes / "Threshold-High or Threshold-Low" / pulse intervals /minimum pulse numbers. Users can output trigger signals from the ESTM-8 to external devices such as imaging systems when complex experimental protocol is necessary.
An oscilloscope and a window discriminator screen.

Synchronization with external devices

ESTM-8 can be synchronized with external devices such as imaging systems. ESTM-8 can output a stimulus pulse which will be synchronized with the external trigger signal.


  • Eight channel stimulator for general electrophysiological experiments
  • Window discriminator for extracting action potential patterns
  • Synchronous devices for optical recording experiments

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