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The THT-sideways is a tandem-lens fluorescence microscope specifically developed for imaging membrane potential propagation of Langendorff-perfused isolated heart preparations.


The THT-sideways has the same basic specifications as the THT-microscope, but it has been specifically modified for imaging membrane potential propagation of the Langendorff-perfused heart. The THT-sideways includes an XYZ-stage which makes focusing easier on the heart sample. The THT-microscope combined with the HL-151 halogen light system provides an ideal optical configuration for fluorescence imaging.


Simple Design Specific for Fluorescence Imaging

The THT-microscope is a fluorescence microscope developed for detecting low light fluorescence by capturing an optimal amount of light photons which are emitted from the biological sample. This microscope is a tandem-lens system which combines two Leica lenses with large fluorescence filters in order to maximize the amount of emitted light.

Various Types of Objective Lenses

The THT-sideways includes Leica Microsystems's high NA value PLAN APO lenses. The combination of low-magnification lenses makes it possible to image relatively large areas in isolated mouse and rat hearts. It is also possible to image a more localized area by using higher magnification lenses.

XYZ-stage makes focusing easy

The THT-sideways includes an XYZ-stage, which allows users to focus easily on any area of the Langendorff-perfused isolated heart.

Combination with DL-FLSP1

Combination with DL-FLSP1 (Epi and Side Illumination)

Combination with DL-FLSP1 (Side Illumination)

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