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General Purpose High Speed Imaging



The MiCAM series cameras are designed as high speed imaging systems to detect small changes in light levels. The cameras combine the optimal balance of high speed, high resolution and high signal to noise ratios. The operation of each system is simple and the software is very easy to use. MiCAM systems, which can be considered as multi-channel (pixels) optical detectors, now make it possible to record faster than ever at extremely high resolutions.


Large sensor and large pixel: 17.6mmx17.6mm, 69μmx69μm (MiCAM03-N256)

In order to optimize S/N ratios, it is important to increase the amount of light captured by one pixel. It is easy to collect light and capture small changes using a sensor having large pixels.

Huge well pepth of single pixel: 10Me-/1.5Me- (MiCAM ULTIMA), 3Me-/0.6Me- (MiCAM03-N256)

Sufficient fluorescence light intensity is needed to detect small changes in fluorescence with a single sweep. MiCAM ULTIMA, which has a huge well depth (10Me- / 1.5Me-), can achieve high S/N ratios without any pixel saturation in most bright light conditions.

High S/N ratio: over 70db (MiCAM ULTIMA), 66db (MiCAM02)

With the MiCAM series cameras, it is possible to detect extremely small changes in fluorescence of less than 1% change in brightness. *1

High speeds and high resolution: Multi probes

High S/N ratio is maintained at high speeds and high resolutions. The image quality is similar to that of general cameras, but the ability to detect small changes in brightness is similar to that of a photodiode array or photomultiplier. *1

Easy synchronization of images: 2-4 camera system

2-4 cameras can be connected to a single MiCAM image processor. This multi camera system is currently available, and it is now possible to do simultaneous imaging. *2

Synchronized recordings of other signals: Signal input from other peripherals

Data from other peripherals can be input into the MiCAM image processor, and can also be recorded simultaneously. This function makes data analysis simple and straightforward.

Fast recording of spontaneous or unpredictable activity: Pre-trigger recording

Pre-trigger function means it is possible to record unpredictable and spontaneous activities. The MiCAM systems can record before and after this kind of spontaneous activity occurs.

Fast and Easy installation: Recordings can be made on the day of installation

The MiCAM system consists of a camera, base unit (image processor), PC and monitor. The installation is very straightforward, and the Acquisition and Analysis software is very user-friendly.

*1: In cases of high light levels. MiCAM sensor should be saturated more than 30-50%. It is difficult to detect small changes in light levels in dark light levels with minimal number of photons.
*2: Optical components are optional.

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General Purpose High Speed Imaging