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Objective Lens WI6X

  • Non-contact and non-invasive measurement of oxygen concentration by fluorescence lifetime measurement

  • Easy operation and control using a personal computer

  • Visualization of oxygen concentration dynamics and recording of log data during experiments


BIOFLTS-PLS irradiates pulsed excitation light from the tip of an optical fiber to the oxygen-sensitive fluorescent sensor located on the inside of a culture flask, or perfusion slice chamber. The oxygen concentration can be measured based on the detected fluorescence lifetime. The oxygen concentration can be monitored and measured in real-time, and saved by software. Optical measurement enables long term non-contact and non-invasive real-time monitoring of oxygen concentration.

(Principle of measurement) DM:Dichroic mirror, LP:Long-pass filter,PD:Photo-diode


- Bioscience -
  • Measurement of oxygen concentration in liquids held in transparent containers, such as plastic bottles and glass bottles

- Industry -
  • Quality control by measurement of oxygen concentration of liquid products

- Environmental monitoring -
  • Monitoring of oxygen consumption of cultured cells or microorganisms


Product Name Optical oxygen meter using fluorescence lifetime
Product Number BIOFLTS-PLS
Principle of Measurement Fluorescence lifetime measurement
Excitation Light Blue LED chip (pulse emission)
Number of channels 1 channel
Measurement Range 0 - 25%O2 / 0.1% accuracy
Interface USB2.0
System Components - Fluorescent oximeter main body
- Optical fiber
- Data acquisition software (Windows 7/8/10 compatible)
- USB cable
- Oxygen sensitive fluorescent sensor (3 chips)
Power supply USB bus power
Dimensions 120 x 112 x 33mm
Weight Approx. 1 kg

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