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Cardio Intrinsic Optical Signal Acquisition System CIOS8


Automatic Detection of Cardiomyocyte
Beating and Contraction Time
Just Place a Culture Plate Without Fluorescent Dye and
Electrode! Real-Time Automatic Detection for Multiwell Plate

Cardio Intrinsic Optical Signal Acquisition System CIOS8
To Save Time, and Reduce Cost and Work

Activity of cardiomyocytes in a culture plate can be measured without staining and invasion. Result is displayed in real time in a waveform, and number of beats and contraction time are automatically detected with a single button. Built-in temperature control and plate moving mechanism. It is small and lightweight making it ideal for personal use.

Easy Operation

Data Example

Measurement results of cultured cardiomyocytes

bpm: Number of beats per minute
Ti: Cycle time of waveform
Td: Width of waveform (Approximately 80%)
Tpk: Time from rise of waveform to peak
Size: Height from baseline to peak (16-bit signed integer)


・Count of number of beats of cultured cardiomyocytes
・Confirmation of differentiation of iPS-derived cardiomyocytes
・Cardiotoxicity assay for new drug candidates
・Simple measurement of membrane potential using voltage-sensitive dye

Method and principle of Measurement

The principle of measurement of activities is quite simple.

It is well known that cell activities change light scattering, and beating cardiomyocytes show larger changes by beating activities.

LED under cultureware illuminates sample at low angle. The scattered light reflected from cells is detected by photo-diode, then only change component is amplified and extracted as activity signal.

The extracted signal is digitized and amplified thousands of times, or tens of thousands of times. Then, cardiac activities are recognized by numeral process.

Structure of CIOS8

・All of light source, photo-detector, signal processing circuit, temperature control stage are built in main
・Motorized well-plate carrier
    3 rows can be measured at same time. Since well-plate is moved right and left by the motorized well-
    plate carrier , 96 wells can be measured (8-wells x 3 rows x 4 ).
    This allows to measure cardiomyocytes activity under stable conditions without opening the lid.



・Simple measurement of membrane potential using voltage-sensitive dye


Product name Cardio Intrinsic Optical Signal Acquisition System CIOS8
Model CIOS8
System configuration CIOS8, USB2.0 cable, AC adaptor (x2), Control software
Available plate Culture plate with 96-wells or less
(Any manufacturer's culture plate can be used)
Mechanism for plate movement Electrical carrier
Temperature control Automatic
Detectable item Number of heart beat, Contraction time
Interface USB2.0
Control PC Windows 7/10 64bit Recommended
Recommended operating condition Temperature range: 20℃ - 30℃, Humidity range: 30% - 80%
Dimension 185mm (W) x 115mm (D) x 75mm (H)
Weight Approx. 1kg
Power supply AD24V1A (x2)

* Specifications & appearance are subject to change without prior notice due to continuous improvements.
* All products are made in Japan.


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