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ESTM-9Multifunction electrical stimulator, ESTM-9, is equipped with pulse outputs, external camera control, external lighting control, analog outputs, and analog recording functionality. By connecting external equipment such as camera, light source, isolator, and amplifiers, ESTM-9 synchronizes electrical stimulatation, image acquisition and inputs/outputs of external equipment.

Previously, in imaging experiments using biological samples, synchronized control of external devices such as cameras, pulse generators, data recording devices, and light sources, plus recordings of input/output data, had to be done using custom-made programs. Building a synchronized system requires technical knowledge of both programming and hardware. In addition, it takes time to develop and verify complete synchronization. All of these factors make it difficult to develop and introduce a custom-made (or homemade) synchronized system.

ESTM-9 already has the ability to synchronize with external devices, and it is possible to set up an imaging system without any specific knowledge about programming and hardware.

Front Panel


Pulse Stimulator

  • 4 channels of pulse stimulation can be controlled individually.
  • Stimulation works with or without camera control.
  • Continuous stimulation using free-run mode is also available.

Analog Output - Custom Pulse Pattern

  • 2 channels of analog outputs.
  • Pulses 1-4 can be synthesized and output from Aout 1.
  • Sine, triangle, sawtooth, or custom waveform can be selected.
  • Custom pulse pattern can be created using a CSV file.



Analog Signal Recording

  • 2 channels of analog inputs.
  • Pre-trigger, delayed-trigger and multiple trigger source available.

Acquisition Control for External Camera

  • Outputs frame timing pulses to external camera, or receives frame timing signals from external camera.
  • Frame rate can be specified.
  • Time-lapse acquisition control is also available.

Lighting Control for External Light Source

  • Outputs signals to external light source in synchronization with camera control.
  • Continuous, intermittent, or custom light pattern available.

Control Software

  • 2 versions of control software are included.

1) Image acquisition and biosignal analog recording in combination with camera, light source, isolator, electropysiological amplifier, external trigger signal generator


2) Electrical stimulation in combination with Brainvision’s MiCAM05/MiCAM03 high-speed imaging system


3) Use as a function generator where arbitrary waveforms can be output


4) Use as a single pulse generator and electrical stimulator


5) Use as a windows discriminator where a pulse can be output when input signal reaches preset amplitude range


6) Use as an analog signal recording device, and biosignal data can be stored in a file


Pulse Output 4 ch (BNC)
Analog Input 2 ch (BNC)
Analog Output 2 ch (BNC)
Camera I/O Port for XB1CM 2 ch (4 pin connector)
Frame Timing Signal Output 1 ch (BNC)
Acquisition Status Output 1 ch (BNC)
Shutter Control Output 1 ch (BNC)
External Trigger Input 1 ch (BNC)
Others Trigger button, Stop button,
8-pin connector for optional function
Control Software 2 versions
Interface USB2.0
Power USB bus power
Includes ESTM-9, USB2.0 cable, Software
Dimensions 180mm(W) x 120mm(D) x 65mm(H)
Each function
Main Trigger Trigger Mode Software / External / Internal
Trigger Source Software / External Trigger Input / Trigger Button
Trigger Edge Positive / Negative
Pulse Output Output Voltage 5V
Clock Cycle 10μsec - 10msec
Duration Time 10μsec - 10min
Delay Time 10μsec - 10min
Interval Time 10μsec - 10min
Pulse Number 1 - 65,535
Analog Input Input Range 1V / 3V / 10V
Sample Clock 10μsec - 10msec
Trigger Source Main / Pulse1 / Pulse2 / Pulse3 / Pulse4 / Ain1 level
Others Previous-trigger, Delayed-trigger,
Low-pass filter, Polarity inversion
Analog Output Output Voltage -10V - 10V
Output Waveform Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth,
Custom (with a CSV file)
Camera Control Number of Camera Port Brainvision BV-XB1 : 2 (I/O connectors)
Other camera : 1 (BNC connectors)
Frame Timing Signal Input or Output
Frame Timing Signal Cycle 10μsec - 300msec
Trigger Source Main / Ain1 level / Pulse3
Others Time Lapse
Light Control Lighting Mode Continuous /
Synchronous with data acquisition /
Synchronous with frame acquisition /
Custom lighting pattern
Others Polarity inversion
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