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Fluorescence Beam Splitting System FLSP-1


The FLSP-1 is a fluorescence beam splitter that transmits two wavelengths of fluorescent light simultaneously to MiCAM series dual camera systems. It has been designed for applications such as fluorescence ratiometric imaging using calcium indicators or voltage-sensitive dyes, and also simultaneous imaging of samples stained with both a calcium indicator and a voltage-sensitive dye.

The FLSP-1 splits fluorescent light emitted from a sample into two different wavelengths to two separate cameras, with the use of a large, custom-made dichroic mirror. It is possible to precisely adjust positions and focus of two separate cameras, with the use of three X-stages and one gonio-stage for rotation. Precise alignment of two overlapping images allows users to quickly process ratiometric and differential data analysis immediately after image acquisition.

This beam splitter uses a custom-made dichroic mirror with large dimensions of 50mm x 70mm. Various types of dichroic mirrors can be selected, depending on the fluorescence probes used. 25mm circular-shaped emission filters, which are widely available, can simply be placed in the camera ports of the FLSP-1.

The FLSP-1 can be used with Brainvision's tandem-lens macroscope, as well as other commercially available fluorescence microscopes, by simply changing the microscope connector.

Example of connections between the FLSP-1, commercial microscope and MiCAM02-dual camera.


Camera Mount 2 camera ports (dedicated to MiCAM cameras)
Required Focal Length 80mm and more, fixed
Filter Size Dichroic mirror: 50mmx70mm (option)
Emission Filter: 25mm diameter (option)
Positioning Mechanism 1 Axis Linear Ball Guide Stage (for XYZ direction): Motion Accuracy Straightness: 1 micrometer
1 Axis Crossed Roller Goniometer Tilt Stage: Accuracy of Rotation Center Fluctuation: 0.01mm and less
Applicable Microscope Brainvision's tandem-lens macroscope (THT series)
Olympus BX51WI/IX71, Nikon TE2000
(Please contact us to ask for adaptors for Carl Zeiss and Leica)

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