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Objective Lens WI6X


WI6X WI6X is a water immersion objective lens specialized for high-speed fluorescence imaging applications such as voltage-sensitive dye imaging and calcium imaging etc., which require the detection of very small changes in fluorescence of biological samples. Features include low magnification (3x-8x), high numerical aperture (0.35), and relatively long working distance (6mm).

Generally, the main reasons for designing a low magnification objective lens are to reduce lens distortion and create a long focal depth, but consequently these lenses also have low numerical apertures. However, an objective lens with a high numerical aperture is essential to reduce noise and optimize S/N ratios for high-speed fluorescence imaging.

Light reflection and perfusion or water flow on the surface of biological solutions are also sources of noises for high-speed imaging. Water immersion objectives eliminate these causes of noise significantly. Brainvision has designed a unique water immersion objective lens based on these requirements for biological imaging. The lens has a relatively long working distance of 6mm which allows users to easily position a microelectrode to biological preparations.


Product Name WI6X
Magnification On THT-microscope: 2.5 - 6.7X
   with 1.6X condensing lens: 2.5X
   with 1X condensing lens: 4X
   with 0.63X condensing lens: 6.7X
On Olympus BX51WI microscope: 9.2X
   (Slide revolver "U-SLRE" or equivalent is needed.)
Focal Length 20.0mm
Numerical Aperture 0.35
Field Diameter φ3mm
Wave Length 450 - 700nm
Working Distance 6mm
Adaptable Microscope Brainvision: THT-microscope
Olympus: BX51WI or others
Nikon, Zeiss, Leica or the others: Ask

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