UltimaAcq Light Edition (Ver.1108)
(Simple Version of MiCAM ULTIMA Acquisition Software)

Brainvision Inc. 11/2011

This software is the simple version of the data acquisition software for MiCAM ULTIMA imaging system. This only has window for setting acquisition paramters and window for showing monitor image. On the software, it is possible to set parameters, show monitor image, acquire data and do simple check od an acquired data. Acquired data needs to be saved in a file on a PC or transferred to BV_Ana (data analysis software) every after data acquisition since the software can keep only one data on a memory.
This software is available for both of single and dual camera system.

[Parameters for Data Acqusition]

The parameters for data acquisition are the same as those on the [Setup] window in usual version of MiCAM ULTIMA data acquisition software ("micam_ultima1.exe").

[Load/Save of Parameter Settings]

Settings of parameters can be save in a file (*.set) from [File]-[Save]/[Save As..] on the main window. *.set file can be loaded from [File]-[Save]/[Save As..] on the main window.

[Window for Image Display]

Magnification (up to 8x) and gain of monitor image and acquired image can be changed on this window. Acquired data can be checked by a movie.
in CDS/FPN: Acquired data is displayed with gray scale (monochrome) as real image.
in DIF/DEF: Differential values are displayed with pseudo-color that is defined in a color table file.

[Data Save]

In dual camera mode, data acquired by master and slave camera can be displayed separately.

In dual camera mode, acquired data is separately saved in each file.
XXXX_A.rsh: data from camera 1 (master)
XXXX_B.rsh: data from camera 2 (slave)
XXXxx.rsd: This one file can be loaded on BV_Ana ver.1101 or later.

[Data Transfer to BV_Ana by the [Send To BV_Ana] button]

Acquired data can be transferred to BV_Ana before saving data on this software. This function is available on BV_Ana ver.1101 or later.

[Option to display warning message for saving data]

When pushing the [Monitor] button or the [Acquisition] button, the last data is deleted from memory space. To avoid deleting data before saving data, always push the [Save] button right after data acquisition is finished. With the [warning for save] checkbox ON, the warning message can be shown every after pushing the [Monitor] button or [Acquisition] button if data is not saved yet.

[Sequencer Function]

The same commands are available as usual "micam_ultima1.exe" (MiCAM ULTIMA acquisition software).

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