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MiCAM02 was discontinued. Next model MiCAM03 will be released in 2017.

Neuronal Imaging MiCAM02-CMOS


MiCAM02-CMOSBrainvision Inc. released a new CMOS camera that is compatible with the MiCAM02 imaging system. The originally designed CMOS sensor achieves higher frame rates and a wider dynamic range than the current CCD models. The new CMOS camera provides high resolution movies at the sub-millisecond level and creates significant advantages in high speed imaging applications.


Original CMOS image sensor developed by Brainvision Inc.
Higher frame rate (max: 0.6msec/frame) and lower noise

MiCAM02-CMOS sensor    MiCAM02-CMOS sensor

The original CMOS image sensor adapted for the MiCAM02-CMOS camera is designed by Brainvision Inc. To achieve signal readout with higher speed and lower noise, many parts from pixel to readout circuit are tuned up with the latest CMOS technology. This allows the CMOS camera to record at higher frame rates of up to 0.6msec/frame at 92x80 pixels, and 1.2msec/frame at 188x160 pixels.

Wide dynamic range over 68dB

The highly customized CMOS sensor has a well depth of 450,000e- and wide dynamic range of 68dB or more. With sufficient light intensity emitted from a biological sample, it is possible to achieve higher S/N ratios than MiCAM02-HR and MiCAM02-HS.

Compatible with MiCAM02

Current MiCAM02 users can easily utilize the new MiCAM02-CMOS camera by simply connecting the camera to the processor and updating the software version.

Synchronized dual-camera system for dual-wave length imaging

Two CMOS cameras can be connected to the MiCAM02 processor to do synchronized recordings. This dual-camera system can be used to simultaneously image voltage-sensitive dye and calcium ion indicators, as well as perform 3D mapping of multiple locations on a biological sample.


Process Technology 0.18CIS-P1M6
Resolution (pixels) 188(H) x 160(V) / 92(H) x 80(V)
Pixel Size 30 μm square
Pixel Aperture Ratio 63%
Actual Sensor Size 5.76mmx4.8mm
Well Depth 450,000 e-
Readout Noise < 150e-
Dynamic Range > 68dB
Temporal Noise Factor < -57dB
Chip Size 7.0mm square
Max. Frame Rate 1,700 fps
Compatibility MiCAM02
Shutter Original Global Shutter

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