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Halogen Light Source


HL-151 is a 150W halogen light source developed for the MiCAM series. An electromagnetic shutter is installed inside the halogen lamp house and is opened and closed in synchronization with the MiCAM system, resulting in minimal fluorescence bleaching.


In order to reduce vibrations, which can cause many problems during optical imaging, an electromagnetic shutter is installed inside the halogen lamp house. The HL-151 is designed with this built-in shutter to also minimize imaging noise resulting from light and mechanical noise. Shutter speed can be varied using the custom-made shutter controller, and it is possible to minimize vibration and sound noise due to the opening and closing of the shutter.


Halogen Light has Low Fluctuations

A high intensity light source which has sufficient excitation power is required for exciting biological samples stained with voltage-sensitive dyes. Some light sources such as Xenon and Mercury lamps create large fluctuations resulting in imaging noise. Due to these reasons, we have adapted Moritex's 150W halogen light source which combines high light intensity with low light fluctuations.

The HL-151's built-in Electromagnetic Shutter Minimizes Fluorescence Bleaching.

In relatively long recordings using fluorescence dyes, bleaching of the dye results from continuous exposure to light, which ultimately causes many problems in the imaging and data analysis. An electromagnetic shutter is implemented to limit exposure to the period of acquisition. This shutter can be opened or closed in synchronization with the MiCAM system by using the shutter controller, therefore limiting any potential harmful effects to the biological sample due to overexposure to the light.

Custom shutter controller can effectively control the speed and noise level of the shutter

HL-151 includes custom shutter controller, which can effectively control the speed and noise level of the shutter. Shutter is opened in about 5msec in normal mode and is opened in 10-30msec in silent mode. These functions add greater flexibility for the user when vibrations and sound caused by the shutter opening and closing cause problems during the high-speed imaging.

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