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Imaging Grade Shortpass Dichroic Mirror


This is a "imaging grade" shortpass dichroic mirror designed by Brainvision. It transmits light on the shorter wavelength side, and reflects light on the longer wavelength side. The extra large size is 50mm x 70mm and thickenss is 2mm, which is not offered by other companies.


Wavelength Range 430~900nm
Cut-Off Wavelength 554nm
Transmission Wavelength T>90% 435~540nm
Reflection Wavelength R>99% 585~900nm
Angle of Incidence 45°
Dimensions 50mm x 70mm
Dimensional Tolerance ±0.3mm
Thickness 2mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.1mm
Effective Area Range excluding 0.5mm of outer peripheral part
Scratch-Dig 40-20

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